Monday, August 10, 2015

Things to Do - August 2015

Another month of missed targets - best describes the month of July. 

My Goal Analysis for July

#1 - Sketch More - 11 Sketches to be made - 27% Complete - made 3 sketches which can hardly qualify as anything more than doodles

# 2 - Write More - blog about positivity - 8 blog posts for last month and this month - 0% Complete

# 3 - Learn something new - this needs to be taken seriously this month round - 0% Complete - as much as this irritates me!

# 4 - Spend more time outdoors - walks, exercising, anything which has a purpose and is done outdoors - 30% Complete - not sure exactly how to measure this but I purchased a Fitbit which motivates me to go out more!

# 5 - Plan for travel - spent a weekend at Himanchal and came back a different person - must travel more...set up dates and itineraries - and ofcourse save for the trip - WIP - will update next month

# 6 - Spend atleast 15 mins a day exercising. The hike @Camp Roxx showed me exactly how unfit I was...Being realistic this month - no ab challenges, no unrealistic exercise goals - 15 mins of physical activity. - 100% Complete - my Fitbit tells me that I clock on an average 20 "Active" minutes a day!

# 7 - Plan work - of late I have been pushing work forward due to a lack of inclination - Plan work >> Execute within set timelines >> Leave from office when work is over - 50% Complete

Since I have already lost 1 week of August being unproductive/semi productive - My goals for this month will be lesser than last month:

# 1 - Sketch More - 1 sketch a day for the next 20 days

# 2 - Write More - catch up on writing backlog - 8 + 4 Blog Posts (Excluding this one)

# 3 - Go out more - I had a nice time exploring new places with my friend Jessica (who is an ardent traveler herself) - 12 years in India and I had never even been to Akshardham!! Time to go exploring! Whether its a new eatery, monument, place of interest - see one new place a month - and blog about it!

# 4 - Watch more movies - I did a pretty decent job last month and this month too - Antman...followed by Mission Impossible...that's a lot for someone who'd go to a theatre biannually 

# 5 - Look after health - I haven't been keeping too well lately and fitness has gone for a complete toss - long term goal is to loose 5kg by December 2015. Short term goal is to eat healthy, work out 15 mins a day, keep migraines and other ailments at bay.

# 6 - Spend more on self improvement - be it clothes or new glasses or a new is short - live it up!

# 7 - Plan solo trip - or maybe not so solo - but trip none the less - somewhere in India

My task list seems decreasing month on month...this should not be seen as failure but an attempt at a more focused goal setting leading to achievement. Lets get this done now!


Anonymous said...

New to your blog. The method seem to be working for you? If yes, let us know.

Anonymous said...

New to your blog. The method seem to be working for you? If yes, let us know------David, Russia

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