Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Log Kya Kahenge ~ The "Judgement" Call

Case 1 : “You can’t walk out like that! You’re supposed to be a married woman!” said a senior citizen father to his newly divorced daughter as she tried to step out of the house in a pencil skirt and top. One would think this is a perfectly normal attire to wear to work – but it’s definitely not something you can go fetch milk from the local grocer in because – “Log Kya Kahenge?” (Translation: what will people say?)...isn't it bad enough that you've brought us shame by living in my house after separating from your husband that you put the cherry on the poop cake by wearing such "slutty" clothes!!! 

Case 2 : An animated discussion between a father and another female relative about what is the "appropriate" (read : society approved) time for a female to come home from work. The female relative quips - if my bahu (daughter-in-law) came home after 8pm I would force her to quit her job! * Father nods his head in approval *
Said daughter-in-law works in a morning 7:30am to 4pm shift whereas the person being compared to works a 10am to 6pm in the heart of Gurgaon/Gurugram. Irrespective of when they leave from work - the prescribed time of arrival has to be the same because...log kya kahenge??? 

The society we live in lays so much emphasis on what people will say, how they will judge us for our actions that we end up living the life of a conformist or risk being seen as a rebel outcast. One might argue that times are changing and Indians are becoming more progressive but the truth of the matter is that there is still a vast majority of hardline extremists who dictate how society needs to be run. Mathew’s scholarship speech in Girl Next Door talks about the concept of “Moral Fiber” or the capacity to do what is right irrespective of the circumstance. The premise for the usage of this term was different in the movie but if we apply this to our society we would see how our neighbours, relatives, friends and the neighbours cat have taken that moral fiber and woven an suffocating bandage to wrap us in and ensure we do not challenge what society believes.

People are inherently judgemental – some are vocal about it in public (case in point the Minister who believes noodles provoke tendencies of rape in youth) whilst others prefer the more hush hush route of talking behind your back (because we all know how terribly wrong it is to gossip…because…log kya kahenge???). Some of us (I speak for myself) pass judgement in a flippant manner and forget about it – because we don't give a f*ck whilst others pass judgement and build a new personality type for the defaulter (she wears short skirts to work…she must be doing her boss…what a slut!). Eyebrows are raised, people silently whisper and snicker when you pass and lo and behold the vicious “Log Kya Kahenge” mud pit has another victim.

The fault isn’t so much in us as it is in the society we live in – Indians are conditioned to mind their neighbours business more than their own. We seem to have forgotten the concept of live and let live – we believe more in live and ensure your neighbor lives in fear of being judged!  One might argue that such mentality is limited only to our parents and other generations from the good ol’ Stone Age but that is where we are wrong. Our own peers and siblings are falling prey to the judgement trap – dolling out unsolicited advice and instigating our folks against us. People should just learn to mind their own lives before jumping to conclusions about how we are “spoiling” our lives by doing things we should not. Our society has laid out such abnormal ground rules for conformist social behaviour - differentiating how a guy / girl should behave right from the day that they are born. Be it their dress code, their education, their curfew time or even the age at which they get married! Everything is dictated and set in stone by the "elders" of that community - irrespective of how liberal or conservative they may be. 

The whole concept of Morality / Moral Fiber becomes flawed the minute we start bringing judges into the mix. If I find it perfectly legit for a divorced/once upon a time married woman to walk out at 7am to get milk from the local dairy wearing a skirt – IT IS MORALLY CORRECT! If I am ok going to a pub after work to grab a drink with my colleagues (none of whom I am sleeping with by the way) – IT IS MORALLY CORRECT. Before you gasp and judge me for my honesty I will sum up why this is morally correct – it is because they are MY morals NOT YOURS!

This write up is nothing more than a desperate plea to everyone around me – the world is a really really terrible place to survive in – stop making it worse for others. I promise I will consciously try to refrain from passing judgements and resist my pre-programmed brains urges to voice my judgements if you do the same! It is also an ernest call out to people, who, like me get continuously bogged down by these random judgements passed against them. There is an old hindi song whose lyrics go something like "Kuch tho log kahenge...logo ka kaam hai kehna..." (Translation : People will talk...because that's what they do)... So let's all try to turn a deaf ear to all the judges in our lives and live, laugh at our mistakes, give caution to the winds and be happy...because you never know how long that's going to last! :)  

Friday, January 29, 2016


What does one do when one reaches work and has absolutely no mood to do anything productive but have tonnes to do? Why they write a song ofcourse! Someone once told me that writing songs is like needs to have structure...and flow from the heart - whether it makes sense or not is secondary. I stopped listening post poetry and figured hey lets give this a go...

Once there was a girl,
with a heart made of gold.
She loved in abundance,
but truth be fortold...

Never in her wildest of dreams
did she ever think she would...

Bleed from the heart,
bleed through the stains.
Bleed for what was 
and whatever remains...

Her world was a fairytale,
with a Prince in her dreams,
Who'd lift her up the castle stairs,
reality's not what it seems...

Never in her wildest of dreams
did she ever think she would...

Bleed from the heart,
bleed through the stains.
Bleed for her great escape
right through the chains...

The dream shattered around her,
like a stone hit the glass.
Shards pierced her golden heart,
and turned it to brass...

Never in her wildest of dreams
did she ever think she would...

Bleed from the heart,
bleed through the stains.
Bleed to sail her small boat
against hurricanes...

For loving's never easy she knew,
You give it all and not expect to receive.
For when loving's one sided,
there's a heart that will grieve.

Never in her wildest of dreams
did she ever think she would...

Bleed from the heart,
bleed through the stains.
Bleed for what was 
and whatever remains...

Friday, January 8, 2016

Dilwale - The Review

I haven't written in ages now, those who know me must have expected this review - those who don't know me...know this...I LOVE SHAH RUKH KHAN!

So the much awaited SRK-Kajol starer released amidst great expectations because the power couple was returning after a gap of 5 years...but's a Rohit Shetty flick...errr...Yash ji are you seeing this! Rohit Shetty = Cars flying/exploding/drifting/doing super natural things + slapstick comedy/single screen humor + larger than life sets which more often than not look like sets (think Chennai Express)...SRK + Kajol = ROMANCE + Intensity + Fairytale Love...the two combined = Dilwale!

There's a dialogue in the movie which goes "Dil tho har kisi ke paas hota hai par sab dilwale nahi hote"...which is precisely what determines whether you will hate the movie. The movie has received absolutely trash reviews from most places - I say the reviewers went into the moview not using their heart but their mind. The movie apparently borrows instances from Golmaal and Love Actually...I haven't seen Golmaal so I can't comment there but Love Actually is a beautiful honestly WHO CARES? Now lets begin the review...please read it from your heart <3 font="" nbsp="">

The Cast:

Shahrukh Khan - Kaali/Raj Randhir Bakshi/Ramlal - The Hero / Anti Hero and everything in between
Kajol - Meera Dev Malik/Pogo ji - The Hero / Anti Hero and everything in between
Varun Dhawan - Veer Randhir Bakshi - Shahrukh's (irritating) younger brother who thinks he's Vin Diesel from the F&F Franchise
Kriti Sanon - Ishita Dev Malik - Kajol's bimbo (irritating) younger sister
Some Fat Dude - Sidhu - Varun's BFF

Vinod Khanna - Don 1 - Randhir Bakshi - Bulgaria ka Don and doting dad of Varun and SRK
Kabir Bedi - Don 2 - Dev Malik - Bulgaria ka dusra Don and doting dad of Ishita and Meera
Johnny Lever - Money Bhai - the (irritating) South Indian petty thief
Some other Dude with a beard like Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda - Oscar Bhai - he owns a stolen spare parts store and rhymes all his lines with brands (hillarious at times)
These Two Other Dudes (one of whom looks like Jackie Shroff's body double) -  the henchmen of SRK's papa who was a Don in Bulgaria ...yea baby it's not just Gujrati's that are spread in every corner of the world! They are predictably called Shakti and Anwar (and then people say we are an intolerant nation - take a cue from Don 1 on tolerance)
Boman Irani - King - a not-so-funny-cartoon like "drug lord" who drives around in a sunshine yellow vintage car

This random chick - Sidhu's money mooching girlfriend & Oscar Bhai's sister (she's another spare part)
Cars - lots and lots of big burly cars!

The Plot / The Story / The Spoilers :

The movie opens with a scene where SRK is getting shot *wtf*...but it's only a dream (phew!)...cut to the next scene where we are introduced to 'Raj Bhai'...Goa's very own Dilip Chabaria who owns a "garage" where muscle cars get modified! Goa is a very very colourful city (literally and figuratively) - the house and garage these guys own is painted in every shade of the rainbow - candy crush overload! We are then introduced to Veer-Vin-Diesel-Bakshi, Raj ka chota bhai, who loves his cars and his women...actually he loves his women more than the cars because he totals a very very sexy car in an attempt to help get a damsel in distress to the government office on time so that she can get her restaurant registration papers in on time...Much to the displeasure of his fat friend.

Big brother finds out about the busted car which had gone for an "innocent test drive" but can't really reprimand Veer because - he loves him to death and beyond! Veer falls "deeply in love" with the damsel he "rescued" and looks for ways to bump into her again and again - all the while over doing the over acting. Veer gets entangled with the drug peddling henchmen of King who beat him up bad...thus ruffling Raj's feathers - NO ONE MESSES WITH HIS KID BROTHER! Raj sniffs out the goons and beats them to a pulp while wearing a 'jaadu' like hoodie to hide his identity. When the puzzled goons enquire who dunnit he intensely mouths off..."bol dena Kaali aya tha" (wtf wasn't Kaali a chick name?!?!).

Flashback: cut to Bulgaria where two warring Don families are at each others throats for gold...enter Kaali - the adopted son of Don 1 who is a war machine who stops at nothing - except when he "bumps into" (literally) Kajol. His world stops...revolves...and then better sense prevails and out comes the golden gun, cars fly and he escapes with all the gold. Now a weakness for women runs in the family - SRK tracks down Kajol "the (con) artist" at her open exhibition and asks her to go on a date...a 5 minute date (yes yes it screams How I met your Mother - BIG DEAL). She tells him its her birthday the next day...and they must meet! But wait - Kaali has to take all the gold across the border the next day...aaargh what the hell...they must meet...and they do! The gold carrying convoy gets tracked down and cars explode - everyone is injured and lo and behold! A gun wielding Kajol is doing a "slow don walk" towards SRK - happy birthday to me! She spares his life because she finds him in a pitiful state - and it's her birthday - so she's going to take all the gold instead! Girls love their bling :)

Somehow better sense prevails in Kajol and she sees the good in SRK (she has to face a near death situation a'la Mission Impossible where she's dangling from a car and he saves her) - he truly loved her and it was only fair that she falls for him too! Thus the pursued becomes the pursuer and she decides to camp outside his house in hail and high water to prove her love. They decide to get their families to meet like typical Indian boys and girls, end their feud and make peace so the two can continue their budding romance! Don 2 (Kajol's daddy) - has other plans - he wants to use this "meeting" to further deepen the divide and he succeeds - it's another story that he dies in the process - both Don's end up shooting each other...Kaali swoops in and in an attempt to save his daddy, grabs the gun and points it at Don 2...just as Kajol makes her dramatic entry! WTF you're trying to kill my daddy! Damn you! Damn you to hell pretty boy! I will now go back to hating you if that's ok. #Betrayal_squared.

Derivations from Flashback: SRK and Kajol both have a "past" - Veer does not know about his brothers past - nor does he know that his brother isn't actually his brother...who is Ishita one wonders - doesn't take a genius to figure that she would somehow be connected to Kajol - sister maybe? Bingo!

Cut to Present: Ishita and Veer are totally in love and decide (like sanskari Indian children) that "bado ko milna chaiye" - now that we (the audience) know about the torrid past of the "senior folks" but these two love birds are absolutely oblivious - as are the senior folks. Hell breaketh loose when the twain meet - Kajol goes insane with fury when she finds out how twisted her kid sister's love web has become. She kicks a draper looking SRK out of her house and tells her kid sister she can ask for a damn unicorn but there is no way she's going to allow her to be with Veer.

Now Veer loves his brother and listens to just about anything he will say - he re-assures us about this by telling Ishita "Bhai k liye kuch bhi"...yes Varun we believe you! The two love birds are still curious why their older siblings hate each-other so much - who better to interrogate than the two henchmen errr "uncles" who have known Raj since forever! One of the two has to crack...and they do - what follows is an unbelievably insane account of Pogo ji and Ramlal's love story where Pogo ji dumps poor Ramlal because...he is poor! 

Lesson Learned : never try to make up a story while watching television and lifting things as they come by - the resultant story will make you cringe, however, if the person on the other side has the IQ of a stupid amoeba - they might just buy Veer does!

Ishita and Veer set out on a quest to re-unite Pogo ji and Ramlal - their quest is heavily laced with ulterior motives to lay the cornerstones of their own union. Veer recruits Money Bhai to "scare" Meera and allow Raj to come to the rescue (this kid still think's it's the 80's where such lame tricks used to work...Bollywood in excess I'm thinking?). Meera was once a hard-core gun wielding Don Spawn...she whips out a baseball bat from the trunk of her PINK Volkswagen (I told you Goa was a colourful town) and whoops Money Bhai's ass. Moving on quickly to Plan B - Veer decides to tamper with the Pink Volkswagen (because it is assumed chicks can't fix cars)...This time his assumption is correct - Meera, stranded in the middle of nowhere...Raj happens to be at the right place at the right time...fixes the car...doesn't utter a word...she says thanks and it starts to rain...ooooh what a perfect setting for a perfect song ("Daayre" begins...Bollywood in super excess but who cares...SRK in the rain is a yummy sight!).
It takes more than fixing a car to melt the Iron Maiden's heart...Kings men arrive at her quaint little cafe and order her to stock up their drugs next to her breakfast rolls. She gets into a squabble and since Raj happened to be stalking her at that very moment - he jumps in and beats Kings men to a pulp...AGAIN. The frozen heart starts to melt oh so little...Afterall - who in their right mind can resist SRK with all his boyish charm *sigh*

One of the side plots kicks in and forms an integral part of the main plot - the fat friend decides he wants to marry his annoying girlfriend...King's vintage car gets stolen and gets a fresh coat of blinding GOLD paint - this will be the "shaadi ka gift". By now we can almost predict what's going to happen next - cut to "Mere yaar ki Christian wedding"...All is going well - Meera and Raj exchange these silent words of love...when trouble strikes. King and his men happen to be the religious sorts who just so happen to come to the church while the wedding is going on - they see the car - and King explodes into a comical rage that tickles your funny bone more than it scares you. The eternal case of whodunit starts and slowly the "culprit" needle begins pointing towards Veer. King's henchmen start to beat Veer to a pulp...Veer falls...Meera tends to him and simultaneously screams "Kaaliiiiiiiiiii". SRK slow walks into the frame and beats everyone up...Kaali style! Everything ends happily ever wait...where did the Tukur Tukur song go...get your ass back on the seat - it's part of the closing credits *sigh*

My Verdict:

Now that you've more or less watched/read the movie through the eyes of a fan - you'd have also reached the conclusion that the movies story is nothing short of predictable. However, having been taught to see the good in everything here's my conclusion - the movie is beautiful, the director has attempted to mish-mash comedy with romance and action and everything else under the sun...which may be a bit much. The main story which should revolve around SRK and Kajol comes and goes and has more or less become a sub-plot rather than the main plot (Veer and Irritating Ishita get more screen time). The movie is NOT DDLJ nor was it ever meant to be - not every SRK-Kajol love story will live up to those epic proportions. Dilwale is a movie about love, and can only be enjoyed if you switch off your brain and switch on your heart. Don't find logic and reason in what's being shown, don't try to find structure in the story, don't try to make sense of anything that's happening - because all that ain't love! For the lover in you, and the eternally intense romance between SRK and Kajol - Dilwale must be watched!

Monday, August 10, 2015


As she sat alone in her tiny cell,
Enveloped by darkness and solitude,
Staring at the expanse of nothingness,
Peering through that lonesome window...

She waited each day for dawn to come,
And for the sunshine to stream in,
Rid the room of the shadows of her past,
Filling it with warmth for her to bask...

The sun shone each day, but was followed by dark,
She set her clock the same,
Every morn was full of delight,
Each night full of dread and fright...

The Sun put his rays through the bars of her window
And pulled her out, a little each day,
But with night surfaced fears and foes of the past
She watched remorsefully her dark battling his light...

She looked longingly through the window...Waiting,
For the Sun to take her hand and make her melt,
And escape the darkness of her murky core,
Waiting and longing and hoping each day...

When months passed by and years flew past,
Her youth was shed - how long could it last?
Eyes gleamed of a hope not dead, waiting for her miracle,
She would have a happy ending, not tonight...tomorrow morn...

The Sun was youthful still, he kept the play,
Each morn day after day...after day after day,
He pulled and tugged and never gave up,
Seeing her frail fingers reach out was enough...

The tug of war kept on for years, fighting the dark and time,
The Sun shone the same way each day,
But her eyes saw less with every passing morning,
Her time was up, she was drowning, one last tug she thought...

That morning the Sun as his usual self,
Reached out for her hand through the window so dark,
She leapt with all her might at the rays and clung on
Through his fire her flesh burned and started to melt...

She held on for as long as she could, slowly losing grip,
Her breath was short but she wouldn't give up,
For had he? She thought to herself...No never!
This time darkness would be conquered - she would escape...

Her eyes opened slightly, blurry eyes strained to see,
A faint smile crossed her face, crinkling her gnarly face,
She saw before her radiant and bright, the Sun was shining
Flashes of darkness swept by, far away from it all...

Sunshine enveloped her in his embrace and whispered,
Sweet nothings into her ear, filling her heart with warmth,
Thus the tail of the endless struggle ended with a conquering,
Of strength, of happiness, of will and of Sunshine :)

Things to Do - August 2015

Another month of missed targets - best describes the month of July. 

My Goal Analysis for July

#1 - Sketch More - 11 Sketches to be made - 27% Complete - made 3 sketches which can hardly qualify as anything more than doodles

# 2 - Write More - blog about positivity - 8 blog posts for last month and this month - 0% Complete

# 3 - Learn something new - this needs to be taken seriously this month round - 0% Complete - as much as this irritates me!

# 4 - Spend more time outdoors - walks, exercising, anything which has a purpose and is done outdoors - 30% Complete - not sure exactly how to measure this but I purchased a Fitbit which motivates me to go out more!

# 5 - Plan for travel - spent a weekend at Himanchal and came back a different person - must travel more...set up dates and itineraries - and ofcourse save for the trip - WIP - will update next month

# 6 - Spend atleast 15 mins a day exercising. The hike @Camp Roxx showed me exactly how unfit I was...Being realistic this month - no ab challenges, no unrealistic exercise goals - 15 mins of physical activity. - 100% Complete - my Fitbit tells me that I clock on an average 20 "Active" minutes a day!

# 7 - Plan work - of late I have been pushing work forward due to a lack of inclination - Plan work >> Execute within set timelines >> Leave from office when work is over - 50% Complete

Since I have already lost 1 week of August being unproductive/semi productive - My goals for this month will be lesser than last month:

# 1 - Sketch More - 1 sketch a day for the next 20 days

# 2 - Write More - catch up on writing backlog - 8 + 4 Blog Posts (Excluding this one)

# 3 - Go out more - I had a nice time exploring new places with my friend Jessica (who is an ardent traveler herself) - 12 years in India and I had never even been to Akshardham!! Time to go exploring! Whether its a new eatery, monument, place of interest - see one new place a month - and blog about it!

# 4 - Watch more movies - I did a pretty decent job last month and this month too - Antman...followed by Mission Impossible...that's a lot for someone who'd go to a theatre biannually 

# 5 - Look after health - I haven't been keeping too well lately and fitness has gone for a complete toss - long term goal is to loose 5kg by December 2015. Short term goal is to eat healthy, work out 15 mins a day, keep migraines and other ailments at bay.

# 6 - Spend more on self improvement - be it clothes or new glasses or a new is short - live it up!

# 7 - Plan solo trip - or maybe not so solo - but trip none the less - somewhere in India

My task list seems decreasing month on month...this should not be seen as failure but an attempt at a more focused goal setting leading to achievement. Lets get this done now!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Things to Do - July 2015

June was a highly unproductive month, full of ups and downs...and general lack of inclination to do more.

I didn't get anything done to completion level but took tiny baby steps forward (at super snail pace):

My Goal Analysis for June

#1 - Clothes Audit & Wardrobe Revamp - I'm pretty happy with the "Revamp" part...learning the ropes on how to mix and match - light top dark bottom...dark top light bottom - says my personal stylist!

#2 - Read 1 New Novel - Not quite done yet - 90% Completion

#3 - Complete 7 Sketches - 0% ...determinants of a good frame of mind missing

#4 - Complete 30 Day Abs Challenge - all good things I can't hold onto...I dropped this mid-way

#5 - Write more - 4 New Blog Entries on meaningful topics - 0% 

#7 - Learn something new - drawn a blank on this one for now...still exploring the possibilities of what can be learnt

#8 - GO OUT MORE - 100% accomplished! Went out of station (Camprox @Nahan, HP) and went out 3/4 weekends in June.

#9 -  Work on making blog more meaningful - 0% - enough said

#10 - Start a personal project - 1% - writing down chapter names of a book I may/may not write isn't good enough.


#1 - Sketch More - 11 Sketches to be made

# 2 - Write More - blog about positivity - 8 blog posts for last month and this month

# 3 - Learn something new - this needs to be taken seriously this month round

# 4 - Spend more time outdoors - walks, exercising, anything which has a purpose and is done outdoors

# 5 - Plan for travel - spent a weekend at Himanchal and came back a different person - must travel more...set up dates and itineraries - and ofcourse save for the trip

# 6 - Spend atleast 15 mins a day exercising. The hike @Camp Roxx showed me exactly how unfit I was...Being realistic this month - no ab challenges, no unrealistic exercise goals - 15 mins of physical activity.

# 7 - Plan work - of late I have been pushing work forward due to a lack of inclination - Plan work >> Execute within set timelines >> Leave from office when work is over

Reducing the number of goals to increase the chances of achieving them!  

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Diary of an Indian Hoarder

Hello Everyone,

I am an Indian and I love to hoard things - those two might seem inherently exclusive traits but mark my words, they aren't! Growing up, my parent's taught me that I should respect books (because they are akin to Goddess Saraswati) and should not break my toys (because they are expensive to replace)...everything can be used and re-used till it's down to dust!

Old clothes which can't fit into/have worn out till their last thread should be turned into dusting cloth, hand-me-downs need to be preserved for the next generation, toys are for eternity, gift wrap needs to be re-used (because we love the environment so much) get the drift!

Problem : "If we have it...It must be of some use"
Solution : Accept the fact that everything can NOT be re-used, like humans, medicines and relationships - EVERYTHING has a shelf life! Once an item exceeds its expiry date - it should no longer be used/kept - no matter how dear the item might seem.

Inorder to start afresh, we need to dump the old. Memories are precious - items dating back to 1942, unless deemed antiques, ARE NOT!

I recently started auditing my clothes to get rid of things that I had not worn for 2 years or more and realised - I AM A HOARDER. I took out a section of my wardrobe and stared at it for close to an hour...trying to justify the existence of each and every worn out faded item of clothing I saw.

An hour and a half later...I decided to put everything back the way it was. The decision to part ways with my favorite tshirt from college, that skirt I used to wear when I was young, those jeans which no longer fit but remind me of "what used to be"...broke my heart! I couldn't do it...or could I?

I pushed myself against the wall and decided to give away half of my "Gone Were the Days" wardrobe and try to rebuild it with functional clothing that would neither make me look like a "wannabe teen" nor a "desperate grandma". How far I succeeded is still a grey area (this is being typed as I cling on to an old pair of one-size-too-small jeans). Apart from clothes, I hoard everything from empty Flipkart boxes to wrapping paper - with the hope that SOMEDAY I will use them to make something awesome.

That day may never come - HOARDING IS A DISEASE! We tend to stock up on useless junk with some pretext or the other - either we try to justify its functionality/recyclability or attach memories to it. I saw a recent advertisement on TV for OLX (an app used to sell old/used items) whose message was - if you don't get rid of the old how will you get new stuff? If only we all thought this way. Decluttering ones life not only heightens productivity with all the free space around but also gives you a chance to get new stuff and replace the old.

I cleared out a part of my wardrobe in an attempt to declutter - 3 jam packed shelves reduced to one! I can't begin to tell you the delight it is to open my cupboard now...not only are things NOT tumbling out and causing me injury but the mere sight of seeing all that space in the morning fills me with hope (sounds strange but its true). Inorder to overcome this disease we need to take one thing at a time - the ultimate aim remains DECLUTTERING ones life.

Ways to declutter:

1. Donate old clothes / shoes - if you haven't fit into it for the last 5 years - chances are YOU NEVER WILL - realize this and GET RID OF IT. There will be someone less fortunate than you who will be able to make use of that item.

2. Throw away old packaging / wrapping - you will not turn that old shoe box into an snazzy box to store are 28, working, with no kids - ARTS AND CRAFTS IS NOT HAPPENING. Gift wrap will set you back 5-20 bucks - you aren't attending parties every day - you don't have to be prepared for an apocalypse party that would need you to recycle gift wrap

3. Old course books / notebooks - hanging on to books you used many moons ago will not be of much use - 6th grade won't repeat itself and your kids will have a completely different curriculum when they get around to it...chances are the books won't make it that far

4. Stop holding on to the past - this is something applicable both to material aswell as immaterial things - the moment we let go...we can get rid of that thing!

Would love to hear more hoarding stories - and get tips on how to overcome this deadly disease!
Lets De-molish and de-clutter!!

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