Saturday, July 11, 2015

Things to Do - July 2015

June was a highly unproductive month, full of ups and downs...and general lack of inclination to do more.

I didn't get anything done to completion level but took tiny baby steps forward (at super snail pace):

My Goal Analysis for June

#1 - Clothes Audit & Wardrobe Revamp - I'm pretty happy with the "Revamp" part...learning the ropes on how to mix and match - light top dark bottom...dark top light bottom - says my personal stylist!

#2 - Read 1 New Novel - Not quite done yet - 90% Completion

#3 - Complete 7 Sketches - 0% ...determinants of a good frame of mind missing

#4 - Complete 30 Day Abs Challenge - all good things I can't hold onto...I dropped this mid-way

#5 - Write more - 4 New Blog Entries on meaningful topics - 0% 

#7 - Learn something new - drawn a blank on this one for now...still exploring the possibilities of what can be learnt

#8 - GO OUT MORE - 100% accomplished! Went out of station (Camprox @Nahan, HP) and went out 3/4 weekends in June.

#9 -  Work on making blog more meaningful - 0% - enough said

#10 - Start a personal project - 1% - writing down chapter names of a book I may/may not write isn't good enough.


#1 - Sketch More - 11 Sketches to be made

# 2 - Write More - blog about positivity - 8 blog posts for last month and this month

# 3 - Learn something new - this needs to be taken seriously this month round

# 4 - Spend more time outdoors - walks, exercising, anything which has a purpose and is done outdoors

# 5 - Plan for travel - spent a weekend at Himanchal and came back a different person - must travel more...set up dates and itineraries - and ofcourse save for the trip

# 6 - Spend atleast 15 mins a day exercising. The hike @Camp Roxx showed me exactly how unfit I was...Being realistic this month - no ab challenges, no unrealistic exercise goals - 15 mins of physical activity.

# 7 - Plan work - of late I have been pushing work forward due to a lack of inclination - Plan work >> Execute within set timelines >> Leave from office when work is over

Reducing the number of goals to increase the chances of achieving them!  

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laddu said...

Can't wait for you to complete your goal #10..Plzz don't give up on that..
You can hire someone who is always ready to kick u the moment u think of giving it up.. Well I would love to do it for free..

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