Monday, August 10, 2015


As she sat alone in her tiny cell,
Enveloped by darkness and solitude,
Staring at the expanse of nothingness,
Peering through that lonesome window...

She waited each day for dawn to come,
And for the sunshine to stream in,
Rid the room of the shadows of her past,
Filling it with warmth for her to bask...

The sun shone each day, but was followed by dark,
She set her clock the same,
Every morn was full of delight,
Each night full of dread and fright...

The Sun put his rays through the bars of her window
And pulled her out, a little each day,
But with night surfaced fears and foes of the past
She watched remorsefully her dark battling his light...

She looked longingly through the window...Waiting,
For the Sun to take her hand and make her melt,
And escape the darkness of her murky core,
Waiting and longing and hoping each day...

When months passed by and years flew past,
Her youth was shed - how long could it last?
Eyes gleamed of a hope not dead, waiting for her miracle,
She would have a happy ending, not tonight...tomorrow morn...

The Sun was youthful still, he kept the play,
Each morn day after day...after day after day,
He pulled and tugged and never gave up,
Seeing her frail fingers reach out was enough...

The tug of war kept on for years, fighting the dark and time,
The Sun shone the same way each day,
But her eyes saw less with every passing morning,
Her time was up, she was drowning, one last tug she thought...

That morning the Sun as his usual self,
Reached out for her hand through the window so dark,
She leapt with all her might at the rays and clung on
Through his fire her flesh burned and started to melt...

She held on for as long as she could, slowly losing grip,
Her breath was short but she wouldn't give up,
For had he? She thought to herself...No never!
This time darkness would be conquered - she would escape...

Her eyes opened slightly, blurry eyes strained to see,
A faint smile crossed her face, crinkling her gnarly face,
She saw before her radiant and bright, the Sun was shining
Flashes of darkness swept by, far away from it all...

Sunshine enveloped her in his embrace and whispered,
Sweet nothings into her ear, filling her heart with warmth,
Thus the tail of the endless struggle ended with a conquering,
Of strength, of happiness, of will and of Sunshine :)

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